Offshore cable constructions

The global demand for energy keeps increasing, while the reserves of fossil fuels ashore are decreasing. This is why offshore activities continue to grow, while benefits on the open sea such as space, wind and the power of water are used more often to generate sustainable power. In order to transport this energy back to shore, pipelines and sea cables are required.

Alsema has focused on constructing these sea cables for many years. Based on the knowledge, experience and innovative approach of our organization, equipment has been developed and manufactured to successfully install cables for offshore projects.

The quality of the developed equipment and the craftsmanship within the organization has been the foundation for completing various projects successfully. Alsema has completed projects in both Europe and Africa, to the full satisfaction of the respective clients.

Especially for these tasks, we developed and manufactured three cable carrousels. Using a special turntable, also developed within our own organization, these carrousels can be filled while still on the shore, after which they are rolled out on the open sea.

Two of these Alsema cable carrousels have a 240 tons capacity. While developing these solutions, the maximum sizes for road transport were taken into account. The carrousels can be divided in such a way, that all parts can be shipped to its destination using regular trucks. This means that the carrousels will reach their destinations fast and efficiently, while simply assembling them again on their final destination.

The largest cable carrousel developed and manufactured by Alsema has a 500 tons capacity. The development of this carrousel was taken even a step further, as it can be fully shipped in 20 foot sea containers. This allows for convenient, fast and affordable shipping to every possible location in the world, where the 500 tons cable carrousel can be easily reassembled and deployed.

Working on the sea is often much more complex than working on the mainland. Innovation in equipment development is therefore highly important when constructing sea cables. Of course the knowledge and experience of qualified staff is another indispensable attribute to successfully complete offshore projects. Alsema has proven to possess all these requirements, and we are looking forward to upcoming offshore projects and the challenges that go with it.

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