Construction work

Developments in various industries have led Alsema to participate in a large number of several projects. As standard equipment often proved ineffective to get the job done, we put our innovative approach to work in order to develop our own equipment. This has allowed us to complete every single project successfully and to the full satisfaction of our clients.

In order to have achieve maximum results with this equipment, we develop and manufacture everything within our own company. Specific equipment and tools are designed by our own designers and engineers. These ideas are then developed into 3D models and technical specifications internally, after which our mechanics and technical staff build the actual equipment.

Whether it’s the cable pulling machines, the drum vehicles or special equipment for offshore products, they all started out as an idea that was converted into useful equipment. Suffice it to say, Alsema delivers from concept to completion.

The short communication lines between our design department and our workshop allow for quick deliveries. Sometimes projects are even being worked on in the workshop, while the designs are still being completed. This allows for a quick manufacturing process and lower production costs.

Alsema B.V.

Construction company Alsema B.V. is specialized in laying, installing and testing cable for both onshore and offshore projects, laying and installing (drinking) water pipelines, gas pipelines, sewers and pressured sewer…

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QHSE policy

The primary objective of our organization is to guarantee the continuity of our company by competing not only on price, but also on the equally important variables quality, health, safety…

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Mission Statement

The board of Alsema is conscious about her responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Creating and maintaining safe and sustainable labor conditions are therefore important to…

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Alsema offers nearly a century of experience in underground infrastructure services. Since our founding in 1927, the company has focused on installing electric equipment and underground construction of power lines….

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For all your questions and remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Office Address Alsema B.V. Havenstraat 26, 9471 AM Zuidlaren     Post Adress Postbus 153, 9470 AD…

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