Cable installation & maintenance

Constructing, installing and testing both overhead and underground power cables requires know-how and craftsmanship. Alsema has specialized in this discipline since electricity was first introduced to society. We take pride in this vast experience with virtually every topic regarding power cables.

The capacity of underground power cables has been increased throughout the years and can now even exceed 400,000 Volts and core surfaces of up to 2,500 mm2. This development goes hand in hand with an ever increasing size and complexity of cable trajectories. By always staying fully up-to-date about these developments and by remaining highly active in this industry, Alsema has fully adapted to the global requirements of our clients.

In order to remain capable of handling all tasks involved in the future, Alsema developed and manufactures its own cable construction equipment that can handle the most versatile trajectories. Examples of these tools are electrically driven cable pulling machines that work synchronously both forwards and backwards.

Using our 100 cable pulling machines and synchronous winches, the construction of a 2,000 meter high voltage cable is a task we can complete; regardless of the characteristics of the terrain.

Transporting the cable drums at project sites is another tasks that Alsema completes using equipment that is developed and manufactured within the company. This enables us to transport cable drums up to 60 tons across the road in a special drum vehicle with pneumatic tires. Especially for unpaved roads, we developed the automatic caterpillar drum wagon that has a 40 tons capacity.

Alsema B.V.

Construction company Alsema B.V. is specialized in laying, installing and testing cable for both onshore and offshore projects, laying and installing (drinking) water pipelines, gas pipelines, sewers and pressured sewer…

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QHSE policy

The primary objective of our organization is to guarantee the continuity of our company by competing not only on price, but also on the equally important variables quality, health, safety…

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Mission Statement

The board of Alsema is conscious about her responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Creating and maintaining safe and sustainable labor conditions are therefore important to…

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Alsema offers nearly a century of experience in underground infrastructure services. Since our founding in 1927, the company has focused on installing electric equipment and underground construction of power lines….

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For all your questions and remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Office Address Alsema B.V. Havenstraat 26, 9471 AM Zuidlaren     Post Adress Postbus 153, 9470 AD…

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