Mission Statement

The board of Alsema is conscious about her responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).

Creating and maintaining safe and sustainable labor conditions are therefore important to our organization. Accomplishing these goals is thus fully integrated into the internal operational management. The HSE policy is aimed at limiting the risks of personal injuries, fires, damages and exposure to hazardous substances. In addition to these preventive measures, we maintain a policy in which people can return to the same or other job profiles in the organization in the unfortunate event that (partial) disability would occur as a result of a work accident or occupational illness. We do so together with occupational health services and other experts in this field.

We commit every possible resource and act in such a way that the Health, Safety en Environment with regards to our staff, temporary staff, freelance professionals working on our behalf, clients, subcontractors, visitors and third parties are safeguarded and that they are not exposed to unacceptable risks, discrimination, intimidation and any form of violence.

Our organization strictly complies with laws and regulations and will continuously keep improving its performance in Health, Safety and Environment. We furthermore inform everybody in the organization about the rules and agreements made in this respect. Not only is this a joint task and goal, our staff also is individually responsible for complying with these objectives. In order to increase awareness and the sense of this responsibility, the employer offers various sorts of information such as instructions, guidance and guidelines in writing.

We live in a changing world. Fossil fuels are becoming scarce. The consequence of this development is that generating energy with these conventional methods is becoming increasingly more complex. But it’s not only energy that is limited, as shortages of fresh drinking water also threaten us, while the demands for both these vital ingredients to (modern) life keep growing. Sustainable developments are therefore becoming more and more important and in some cases they already are required. Alsema takes its role in these developments seriously, by offering modern technology, sustainable methods and craftsmanship to connect demand and supply in a sustainable way.

And of course our clients also change, while the size and complexity of projects increase. An increasing part of infrastructural projects are now outsourced to external specialists in their field. This also means that the classic way in which roles were divided between parties in the construction world now changes, as borders between various disciplines fade away. These changes also lead to new forms of cooperation between constructors and clients.

Alsema want to be ahead of the industry in its focus areas. It is our goal to offer the highest Return on Investment in comparison to industry peers. Alsema has the ambition to strengthen and broaden its position in the underground infrastructure industry and thus contribute to the transport of water, gas and energy from the source to the end user.

In order to accomplish these goals, Alsema will keep improving, broadening and deepening its project management tasks. As a result, our company is even more capable to manage large projects and schedule and completing construction and maintenance tasks. Projects can be developed fully independently and our clients are offered a one-stop-shop in both our domestic Dutch market, as in the international market.

Alsema B.V.

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Mission Statement

The board of Alsema is conscious about her responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Creating and maintaining safe and sustainable labor conditions are therefore important to…

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For all your questions and remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Office Address Alsema B.V. Havenstraat 26, 9471 AM Zuidlaren     Post Adress Postbus 153, 9470 AD…

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