Our organization was founded on May 1st 1927 by Mr. J. Alsema in the Dutch city Groningen. The company primarily focused on building overhead low voltage networks and installing electric equipment.

In 1939, the company moved to the town of Zuidlaren, not far from Groningen. Only a short time later, the company was qualified as a repairer by a predecessor of the current Enexis company. Another great side effect was that the new location originally was a retail location, allowing the company to sell various electrical machines and other equipment.

1949 was the first year in which Alsema started with its tasks of providing for electric engineering services for temporary location such as exhibitions.

By 1958, the Cable Work & Electric Engineering department moved almost entirely to another address in Zuidlaren. This department was now led by Mr. J.G. Alsema, the son of founder Mr. J. Alsema. It was here that the first assignments for PTT, the former state owned telephone and postal provider, were carried out.

The path to growth was so steep, that in 1961 it was decided to move once again to a building that was to be constructed especially for the company. In 1962 the entire company moved to this new building located at the Havenstraat 26 in Zuidlaren where we are still located today. 1962 was also the year in which our founder J. Alsema retired.

As the company kept on expanding its service portfolio, it now started laying its first pipelines for water, gas and waste water, while also becoming active in constructing medium and high voltage power cables and road and water engineering tasks.

Throughout the decades, the location at the Havenstraat in Zuidlaren has been expanded on multiple occasions by purchasing ground, both from the Municipality of Zuidlaren and from private owners. In 1978 the office building located on No. 22 was purchased, which soon proved to be too small to accommodate the growing staff, leading to the construction of a new office building that was commissioned in 1982.

The combined residence and business premises located at No. 24 was purchased in 1984, which means the current company now owns the contiguous numbers 22, 24 and 26 in the same Havenstraat in Zuidlaren.

Alsema B.V.

Construction company Alsema B.V. is specialized in laying, installing and testing cable for both onshore and offshore projects, laying and installing (drinking) water pipelines, gas pipelines, sewers and pressured sewer…

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QHSE policy

The primary objective of our organization is to guarantee the continuity of our company by competing not only on price, but also on the equally important variables quality, health, safety…

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Mission Statement

The board of Alsema is conscious about her responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Creating and maintaining safe and sustainable labor conditions are therefore important to…

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Alsema offers nearly a century of experience in underground infrastructure services. Since our founding in 1927, the company has focused on installing electric equipment and underground construction of power lines….

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For all your questions and remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Office Address Alsema B.V. Havenstraat 26, 9471 AM Zuidlaren     Post Adress Postbus 153, 9470 AD…

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